What to Do About an Overheating Iphone

If your iPhone overheats, it might shut down. This can be an alarming situation that may cause you to wonder if you have caused damage to your iPhone. This is a phenomenon that is not very common. However, when it does occur, there are several things you will want to do to respond to this problem.

Cooling Your Phone

An iPhone can find itself operating outside the normal temperature range when the phone has been left in a hot car or if the phone has been brought into a room that is hotter than normal, such as a kitchen. In this case, shutting the phone off and removing the back of the phone is recommended. Move the phone to a cooler area. This will help the phone return to the normal temperature and avoid damage.

Updating Your Phone

Make sure that your iPhone is fully updated. There are many newer updates that are designed specifically to solve iPhone overheating problems. When the iPhone is overheating, it will often enter into the cool down mode. In this state, the iPhone will stop charging. The display will usually dim or go completely black. You may be unable to use the camera flash. In some cases, you may be completely unable to use the phone at all. 

Closing Applications

The phone might be overheating as a result of too many applications being run at the same time. Try to keep your applications limited to the ones that you will be using consistently. When you will not be using these applications, make sure that they are closed. Also, turn off notifications for apps that are not necessary. There are some applications you may not even realize are running. For instance, you may have a WI-FI program that is searching for a WI-FI signal and is increasing the CPU usage and heat of your phone. Not only will this cause your phone to overheat, but it will reduce the amount of memory that is available for using your phone for other purposes and may cause your phone to freeze.

Contacting An iPhone Repair Technician

If your iPhone continues to overheat and you cannot determine why, it is best to have your phone sent to an iPhone repair specialist. It can sometimes be difficult to identify the root cause, but if the cause is identified, you will save more money than you would if you were forced to purchase a new phone.